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re: Changing your name is a hard unsolved problem in Computer Science VIEW POST


A person's name can change (and with a pretty high probability, will) once or more in their life

Cis men are the group generally least affected in our society right now, and this is one of those problems which would likely be handled much more smoothly if they weren't so overpowered in computer decision making.


Amen, this is why diversity is so important. There's nothing evil about being Cis and white but your experiences are not the experiences of everyone else. We may be the majority in tech but are certainly not in the world!


the group

I'd say there are other groups less "affected" than that one. In the "Privilege Olympics" there are many contenders.

The question here is about identity vs identification, and of the interests and independence of users vs service providers. Perhaps there are even implications for surveillance & mass control. But I think it's a stretch to characterize this primarily as a question of discrimination and diversity.

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