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In the good old days we may have used a publishing tool like Wordpress on a shared VPS and life was simple, we leveraged OSS like WP/cPanel and paid little to nothing for access to commoditized hosting.

I always think about how much of a missed opportunity there was from the top hosting companies around cPanel etc. It seems like they were so well positioned to lead the way but none of them came up with anything new and then a bunch of other companies sprouted up and ate their lunch.


Totally, when I started thinking about this space years ago I used to tell people we need a cPanel for domains/websites


Absolutely. This missed opportunity started pretty early, when the upcoming internet was separated from the IT and network reseller markets, more than twenty years ago. They all were very interested in this new development, but those guys, from Ingram to Techdata, they all didn't respond. Sure they sold server, network equipment, internet access, router and that stuff, but the hosting business was a business to consumer thing from day one, and the c-panels key to what would have been possible, this anchor point to hardware, making the internet fruitful integrated into an overall network plan.


Prehistory.. Didn't know I was older than that! ;) When I started, we had to connect via ftp using the same credentials than your dialup! And you access website using /~username/.. Hehe! Some had access to cgi-bin where you put executable (chmod 755), usually written in Perl!


Yes it's all relative :-) I remember bringing a Hayes moden home some day in 94-5 and having to move my computer to the kitchen because my room didn't have a phone jack.

you don't seriously know Hayes modems :-) we have been distributing them in the early days!

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