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This is great! I think we could brainstorm here how this format could fit best into the site.

It probably comes down to coming up with the proper tag to imply the format for the input/output dynamic here. If we get the format right I think this could be an awesome regular thing for you (and others) to take on.


See, I didn't even think about the fact that features could be made around this idea ;)

I figured low-hanging fruit was, get a site or a design, record a video doing the crtique (with as little editing needs as possible), then post :D

I'm definitely game for bigger and better


It’d be really great to have some form of form that has responses chronological. I could be wrong but it seemed the comments jumped around, so hard to figure out “first come first served”

Also some way to make a question/answer look and feel maybe?


I’d also be curious how live Q&A might fit the platform


Out of curiosity, what sort of tags do you think would do best for content like this? First video is transcoding now ;)


Also, first, getting folks who are interested ;)

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