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Jess you've been quietly petitioning for #todayigoogled and I agree. It's a great way to summarize any search you did in the most digestible way for the next person who might be Googling it.


Summarize your search findings so someone else can learn from your journey.

It's similar to #todayilearned but I really do see a bit of a differentiation around context and helpfulness.

But #todayilearned is another useful tag we could lean in to.


Summarize a concept that is new to you.

OH yeah. I forgot all about that one. I don't love #todayigoogled bc....I wish I was duckduckgo'in instead! I'm going to throw #TIL on as well.


I agree with Jess about the whole "Google" thing. There are several search engines, DuckDuckGo being a huge one (the only one I use). With privacy being a big thing right now, we really don't want to reinforce Google's (illusion of) ubiquity.

How about #todayisearched, and just ALIAS #todayigoogled to that?


and its equivalent for privacy concerned - todayiducked ;)

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