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Discussion on: I want to learn functional programming: where to start?

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Ben Halpern

Elm strikes me as a pretty good place to dive in because it:

  • Executes in the browser, similar to other stuff you've used in JS land.
  • Is purely functional and pretty hardcore in this sense
  • Is designed to be more "mainstream" than Haskell
  • Has a friendly community

Since you come from Ruby on Rails land, Elixir might be a good choice because it's sort of an offshoot from that ecosystem and has a lot of community crossover.

This is my answer as someone who tends to start with practical use cases and work down to theoretical.

@xtrasmal is a great choice if you are more of a bottom-up learner.

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Kelly Wong

If you're a web dev, Elm is a great place to start. I followed the guide when I was first getting started at the beginning of last year, and having a blast with it ever since!