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Well, at first I wanted to start learning Ruby but Crystal comes with the same syntax but with some new functionalities like macros, typing, C binding (like NodeJS does), and some other things...

The better thing about Crystal is that it's compilated, which improve the performances drastically. You can see some benchmarks on the internet.

It's exactly the same thing as Ruby but with little differences outside the syntax that makes Crystal a great language!


Do you find any major features missing? It’s a pretty new language. I’m curious where things stand for you.

The only missing feature I found is that Crystal isn't on Windows. But they are working on it! And it works with Linux Sub-system so it's not totally missing.

Compared to Ruby, I don't really know if there are some missing major features though.


Can Crystal be used as a drop-in replacement for Ruby?

I think it's made to use the exact same syntax. But I don't know about the libraries

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