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re: I agree and it's not healthy. While no one factor is solely responsible, I'd say ineffective leadership is a big problem in our industry. Say wha...

There is definitely a lot of marketing that gets new people into code or drives people towards certain resources as a matter of "you're not good enough".

This is a good post:

If you're never good enough, you're always comparing and competing.

The funny thing is that it's not that hard to be "good enough". I'm basically a good enough programmer to have a fine job as long as I want to be coding, and I'm not perfect or close.

We should be getting "better" for the joy of it, not out of a sense of inferiority.

Getting better is really just a matter of sticking it out and gaining experience without burning out.


Hey Ben, I read your reply several times and I'm perplexed. I wrote a big reply and then deleted it.

What are you trying to say exactly? What should we be doing differently in your opinion?

Ummm, I don't think Ben was trying to counter or anything like that. I think he just continued his train of thought in to the next comment, lol. :-)


IMO, over 20 years ago one would not survive by just being good enough. Technological evolution has enabled people to be successful in this industry even when they're only good enough. Another reason why interviews at the big four have a high-bar.

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