re: Have stickers on your machine? Let's put it on DevLids.com VIEW POST


This is really cool.

please don't be disappointed if it doesn't take off

Would you be interested in collaborating with us in some way "officially"? I'm not sure exactly what that would mean, but I'm pretty sure we could give it a good boost.


Wow, very cool to read that from you!

Since I have only one contributed lid as of now, I'd like to wait until I have a couple more before I can better shape this in whichever way.

But once it feels a bit more complete, yes sure!

Would it be ok to use the dev.to Logo-SVG from the header as a link-icon for the ones with devto-profiles?


Cool, feel free to email me at any point.

And yeah, go for it with the SVG.

devlids.com/ is live now \o/
So yeah we managed to get 46 lids :D which is more than I expected. Most of them came thanks to dev.to, so thank you for enabling that with this great platform.

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