Discussion on: Franken-code 'Till You Make It.

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Ben Halpern

My first experience with code was Geocities. HTML and CSS, but then I wanted to find out how to make really cool things. I tried to reverse-engineer complicated server-driven websites by downloading their HTML source. I tried sooooo hard and couldn't figure it out.

Eventually I found out about PHP. I still wound up losing interest in programming for about a decade, but I finally came back.

When I came back I was still making table-based layouts 😱

glitch.com is trying to make this kind of process as magical as possible. @anildash and co are doing cool things.

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Cat Carbonell Author

Yes!! Reverse-engineering things is what I do professionally. 😹
But it's so time-consuming and convoluted, especially at an enterprise-level.

I embarassingly went into my web development degree thinking table-layouts were still a thing.

2014 . Jesus.

Thank you for the links! I'll definitely check them out.

Also, I just listened to your interview on Learn To Code With Me Podcast! It's what inspired me to finally write here today.

I should probably go back to work....😅

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Ben Halpern

Learn To Code With Me Podcast


I really need to do more podcasts.