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Discussion on: I'm a UX UI developer, ask me anything!

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Ben Halpern • Edited on

How do you continually improve user experience? I find in UX we are trying to come at an end and then maybe we move on to something else. How would you go about refining a high-traffic experience over time?

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Judith Ask Me Anything

That is a great question.

Have a plan where you break each known issue into smaller parts. Maintain a source that gives accurate user data with analytics info. Utilize collaboration skills for crossover issues (is it a backend solution?) Understand who the user is (are they international? ages 18-24? mostly female? mostly male?). Be prepared to mockup your solutions/suggestions with an interactive tool like UXPin or Ionic Creator to get accurate feedback from collaborators. Know and understand the most common problems, and know what to expect if they are outside the scope of your work. Create initiatives that insure user information can be communicated through soft skills by those team members who have hands on contact. With some projects you may have to take the proverbial "Bull by the Horns" yourself and implement changes to improve the way user issues get communicated.