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Ben Halpern Ask Me Anything
  1. Yes, by personality and interests I'm not company company company, I really appreciate non-commercial initiatives, but generally my creative impulse is fiddling on stuff that could become companies.
  2. In the past: like 90%. I'm out of the "side project" phase of my life so I can dedicate my time to building the company, but in the past I've not hesitated to write a little code just to even tease out my excitement for the project.
  3. Having a clear path to actual distribution and customer growth is probably the biggest thing. If it's unclear who the hell might wind up actually adopting it, it's hard to pursue.
  4. I think if there is no path to adoption/distribution it may be worth abandoning, but a huge breakthrough for me with DEV was just deciding not to abandon it as a rule. So I selected something I knew would keep my personal interest even if it took a long time to reach adoption. So the first year+ was extremely methodical laying of the groundwork for some future growth.