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Discussion on: The Plugin Market: An Open Letter to Apple 

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Ben Halpern

This is a cool idea, and also seems like one of those things that would only be rolled out if the iPhone's overall usability was improved. I.e. the home page modules seem like they are in this camp, but I can't imagine this is a road Apple would go down just for the sake of the benefits you're laying out.

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Oranda Author • Edited

Thanks for the thoughts Ben.

I updated the "Proposed Solution" with additional incentive for Apple. If you could elaborate it may lead to fruitful discussion.

Here’s my 2 cents:

Plugin Oriented Design has shown itself useful in most other computing contexts, including Web Apps and Desktop Apps.

Web apps already support this. It’s one of those rare instances where a use-case is supported on the web, but not native.

With dynamic module loading (i.e. in React apps), we're already seeing interest applying these techniques at the user / feature level.

I agree that the benefits originally mentioned (mostly monetary opportunity) are unlikely to result in change alone. It needs to be more advantageous for them to change than it is not to.

Once users start to expect these features, I believe it’s just a matter of time before tech companies change their revenue model. Perhaps due to pressure from the web, other tech companies, user demands, lost revenue, or any number of other scenarios.

Even if I'm wrong about the details, there seems to be something going on here. If I were Apple (or Google, etc.) I'd at least start thinking about the future, how this all comes together, and where I want to be in that picture.