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re: The app I'm working on doesn't require much local state, but it'll frequently be used repeatedly by the same person in low connectivity situations,...

Cool. I think you're making the right call then. Any idea what the stack will look like specifically?

(P)Reat on the frontend, Django on the backend. Possibly preact.io in between the two, but I'm not sure about this, since it potentially increases the amount of data you download again; The cached JavaScript may already have the template you need in order to render the frontend, yet the server sends a bunch of markup.

If I remember correctly, you're using Preact on dev.to, right? Are you noticing the differences with React much?

That's the plan, but so far it's still just a plan and has only been fooling around with it outside. Haven't implemented it yet in anything on the site yet. We're pretty methodical with this stuff.

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