Changelog: Create Series of Posts

Ben Halpern on October 29, 2018

Update: Series design has changed since this was posted, but details of the post are still accurate. This is a funny one. This functionality was ... [Read Full]
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Looks cool!

I see the case for not wanting the picker at the top not to take up too much vertical space, but I think having the "episode" titles more clearly visible might still be useful when you're looking for a specific topic.


Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, definitely interested in exploring possible ways to adjust the design. It's the most nimble part of the whole thing.

At the very least it could be simple enough to add title attributes plus screen-reader cues.


What about doing something authors are currently already doing, and prepending something like this to the post?

This post is part of a series:

  • Being Awesome - Part 1: Be Kind to Yourself
  • Being Awesome - Part 2: Be Kind to Others

maybe with a little bit of fancy styling.



At the moment it's fully just dots.

But definitely open to adjustments here (not just saying this to be conciliatory, I feel like it should probably be adjusted)


I don't know if it received additional work with this new feature but thanks to the builtins prefetching capabilities of dev.to switching from one article to the next in your series is basically istantaneous.

So cool!


Don’t forget the edge-caching! Most requests served pre-gzipped from a node near you. πŸ€—

Wonders of leaning on Fastly, I’d say. It’s not something you can plug in without a lot of intentionality and trade offs.

Fastly’s been great but Cloudflare and others are doing really cool things. Definitely an exciting space.


I'm writing my first dev.to articles right now - it'll be a series of five or six articles. How is the order of articles done? Is it just the time of publishing that determines the order? Or can I affect "manually" which is number 1, 2, ...?


I'm debating using a series vs a tag for devrel posts. The content are all around devrel, so a tag makes sense. But they also could be read in succession as they all relate - so a series makes sense.

Do you have any thoughts on what might be better for the reader?



So excited about this!


I don't know if anyone else does this but I have an index page links to all the articles in the correct order.

Would it, therefore, make sense to allow people to specify an index page that the "series" tag can link to?


I don't understand the feature. If I look into this article:

There is nothing related to a series. Where is the difference to not using the "series" tag?


Sweet! Usually end up writing series of posts (cus that's how I roll). This is super useful!



This is so useful! Thank you for working on it.

Is the order in which the series of posts are linked together determined by the date the post was created, published, something else?


I am trying to understand this to create a series ... I am trying to find a simpler way or a step by step process with markdown. Pointers would be appreciated.

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