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A Canadian software developer who thinks he’s funny. He/Him.


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Sweet updates. I'm finding dev.to's editor to be far superior to anything I've tried (e.g. Ghost, Medium). It's very dev friendly.

Thank you for making it better!!


Thanks! We still have more work to really make it as nice as we'd like, but I'm glad folks enjoy the dev-friendly approach.


Nice addition Ben! Can't wait for gists so the flow becomes similar to medium :))


This is cool! How are you pre-rendering the Twitter and GitHub embeds?


It was basically a matter of simply modeling out these objects in our app and mimicking the CSS. The devil is in the details and we'll write a few posts on the implementation, but the process is pretty simple. There are some small tradeoffs for each of these, but so many benefits. Since the GitHub issues can be edited, one key is deciding how and how often to check for changes.


I look forward to reading about the implementation!


I was pretty impressed by the GitHub comment. You really nailed you :clap: nice!


repl.it doesn't support Pascal language. The modern and powerful Pascal compiler is available at freepascal.org.


This is super awesome. Thanks for the updates. ☺


Thanks! We will build more embeds and build more on these concepts. People will use these tools however they like, but the thing I really really wanted to enable specifically with the GitHub tags is telling the story of a decision that was made on GitHub. It's often hard to wade through an issue searching for the narrative of what went on. If it's easy to embed the comments with a narrative interspersed between, I think some of the discussions will be a lot more approachable after the fact.


Uhm... Ben, I think you broke it better. On My Machine, the syntax blocks are actually being turned into embeds. It was not doing this the last time I read this post.


Eeep, thanks for the heads up!


I love the feature, but I just spent 15 minutes looking for this blog post, because I didn't see it documented anywhere. Or maybe I'm just bad at finding things :)


This is really cool and has made me super excited about when you guys open source the site!


Really nice! Looking forward to test it! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ½


I prefer writing here over Medium, for sure, and you guys have just upped your game. Love it, Ben. Great addition. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½


Heck yes! Thanks for sticking with us while we've figured this out and worked out the kinks! I'm sure there are/will be many more kinks to be worked out.