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Being a Sheriff for the First Time

Last week I got an opportunity to be a Sheriff for the Telescope repo.

The Fear

To be honest, becoming a sheriff was a role I was scared the most about. I wasn't looking forward to it. Not because it is a huge responsibility, or because we have to do a release, or push people to review code, or anything else. I was scared because talking to so many people at once and me having to hold the meetings/do presentations is something that's out of my comfort zone. It just makes me super exhausted mentally. I could do anything else 24h straight but holding a meeting for 30 minutes makes me restless real fast🥵😰.

Our Supportive Community

After sweating about being a sheriff, I actually learned that it is not that bad. It is just another skill that I would have to master eventually. Or at least become more comfortable with it. I also received a lot of support from my classmates before, during, and after the release time🤗 Well, some of them almost gave me a heart attack😅🥵 joking around about how hard doing the release is and freaking out about whatever I did as if I have done something wrong🤪

Furthermore, I would love to thank my professor Dave who is always trying to support everyone. He encourages people to fight their scariest fears but accept themselves as they are at the same time. It is so impressive how some people care about other people so much every step of the way😎🙏🏻.

I will never forget this kind of support from our community. Some people are amazing, it is hard to believe.

Something Interesting We Tried

It was pretty cool trying out live reviews during our triage meeting. It does make a huge difference, especially when it comes to reviewing big PRs.

The way it worked was that someone who made a huge PR would share their screen and go through their thought process and explain what they did. Then, others would ask questions or suggest changes to the PR.

While it is time consuming, it is definitely worth it in the long run. It can save a lot of time outside of the meeting when it comes to understanding and reviewing someone's code.


At the end, I kind of enjoyed making decisions, being a leader, and encouraging people. Even though I know I have a lot of areas where to improve on regarding leadership skills, I think that holding the meetings last week was a good start.

I, once again, learned that having such good relationships with people is a blessing. We are always stronger when we are together. Sometimes, even a single like on Slack to one's message OR replying to someone during the meeting when no one else does can make a difference in someone's day :)


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