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What are your plans for 2020?

bellons91 profile image Davide Bellone ・1 min read

Hi all! Ready for 2020?

Is there something that you want to learn? Have you already planned your path for the next year?

Here's my would like to do list (yeah, a simple todo isn't enough):

  • Multithreading in C#: this is one of my greatest lack, so I want to learn more about it (estimated time: 1 month)
  • Gremlin DB: I've already worked with it, but I want to learn more about it and, in general, about graph DBs (estimated time: 1 month)
  • Docker + Kubernetes: those technologies are always looked as the future of software development. So, it's time to learn more about them! (estimated time: 3 month)
  • Microsoft Orleans: I know what this project is, and it looks interesting. But I've only read something on the homepage of the project, so I don't so many ideas about it (estimated time: 1 month)
  • ML.NET: even here, I don't know so much about it. Well, I know nothing about Machine learning and similar (estimated time: 4 months)

And... that's it!

What about you? Do you know these arguments?

What would you like to learn next year?


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Efrén Martínez


  • First learn Flutter and IOS for a project
  • Second learn Python.
  • so, learn docker + kebernetes and start writing tutorials.

are some for now, I hope to add more in the future

greetings from Mexico 🤟🏻🇲🇽

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Davide Bellone Author

Wow, great! Do you have an idea on how much time you'll spend on each topic?

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