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Davide Bellone
Davide Bellone

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Should posts have a comment section for grammar suggestions?

A great part of the publishers are not native English-speaker - like me.

In the posts I write, I pay attention also on grammar (of course), but sometimes I miss some error.

I think it can help the community to have a section dedicated to suggestion on grammar (different from the main comment section) so that we can improve not only our tech skills but also our English skill.

What do you think?

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Wesley Ameling

Let's not turn this platform into StackOverflow where your post can get edited for simple things like grammar. The current comment section is fine to point out grammar corrections, just provide it as proper feedback and not be a "grammar nazi" about it.

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If grammar suggest/edits was an opt in feature I would support that. However when someone is able to communicate an idea across, that counts a lot more than any archaic grammar rules. Ambiguous spelling differences like route vs root matter a lot, but typpos? You knew what I meant :P

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Luis Uriel Leaño • Edited on

As an exemplary community we should encourage ourselves to give feedback in an appropriate way (including the grammar). Im also not a native English-speaker and i think it would be nice to improve my skills through the community´s feedback in the same comment section.

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Tobias SN

Correcting someone’s grammar is often seen as rude, so I think encouraging such behavior is not a good idea.

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Akash Choudhary

Yeah, I can absolutely see how helping someone improve their skills at a language can be seen as rude.

For the non-arrogant people though, I think it would be beneficial to have a grammar corrections comment section. So maybe there could be an option for the author of the post to enable or disable such a section in their post just like YouTube gives one the option to disable comments.

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Davide Bellone Author

That's exactly what I was thinking about.
If you see this site as a community, we should help each other in these kind of things.