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Why writing everyday?

I’m writing this post (day 13) to remind myself why am I writing everyday and maybe, hopefully I get to convince you to do so.

It’s not my idea actually. I’ve been brainwashed by the one and only Seth Godin who really encouraged me, in his videos and his amazing podcast called Akimbo to do something everyday even if it sucks. So here are the reasons why am I writing everyday:

Getting naked

Getting vulnerable is one of the most important things when writing. Letting people inside my head can be pretty uncomfortable because we fear their judgement. So we do it anyway, and we dance with that fear of judgement. I was trying to keep a good image of myself, not revealing my weaknesses but when writing, my weaknesses are going to show up and that’s okay.

The perfect article

I was never going to write the perfect article. Promising myself that I will be writing blog posts about some topics wouldn’t be happening if I kept waiting for writing the really good article or the perfect one.

Organizing thoughts

It’s incredible how thoughts can be so clear if you write them down. Some of the conversations are smoother because I’ve already laid out the ideas that I want to share and explain. A friend told me: “that’s cool but why would you put them online? You can just take notes”. But why wouldn’t I? it’s a perfect way to share my knowledge and story with the world. I believe there are some genuine people out there who will empathize and relate with I’m writing and there are people who will be directed even a little a bit of what I’m writing.

Sharing knowledge as going on a journey

I’m not positioning myself as an expert, not yet, not soon. Instead, I’m giving people like me an opportunity to walk with me my journey. I’ll be teaching what I’ve learnt and if I make a mistake, I won’t be hiding it, I’ll show you how I did it and how I solved the problem if I did. People who will relate to me may find some value in what I write, if not, it’s here anyway, even it won’t be seen, it’s okay.

It feels good

It feels good because I’m not lying, I’m exposing some mistakes I’ve done and I’m sharing who I really am without any makeup or even any clothes. It feels good because I’m dancing with my fear, not escaping from it. It feels good because I’m giving myself permission to mess up and make mistakes.

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Brandon Burzon

Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

belhassen07 profile image
Belhassen Chelbi

Thank you Brandon, I'm glad you liked it