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NeoVim for beginners Walkthrough

Hey nerds πŸ€“! Which code editor / IDE do you use πŸ€”?

Programmers, especially seniors take this question and moreover the answer so religiously 😐.
I used to code in Jetbrains collections [PyCharm, data grip, etc..], before that I used Sublime Text, Atom & Eclipse; in the nineties I was coding in - believe it or not - notepad [not notepad++ which is a sexier version of notepad].
Lately - 4 years ago - I switched to VSCode, and a couple of years I ago I started using Vim then NeoVim.

And my question here is : Are you someone looking to explore alternatives to your usual code editors ?
In my latest video, I tried to offer a calm, early-morning walkthrough of Neovim which is - as you may or may not know - a robust, highly customizable text editor designed for efficient coding.
I hate mouses [including the living ones (mice)!! 🐁], I really despise them, as I am one of the Microsoft DOS generation's soldiers, and quite the opposite about keyboards, I adore keyboards, I even have a name for each one of my keyboards [dont' tell my mom!! 😳].

In this short video recorded at the quiet hours of 5:42 AM, I tried to bring you a subdued, yet informative tone to this tutorial, which might be a bit of change if you're used to my more high-energy presentations hehe.

This video is perfect for coding newcomers who are interested in integrating Neovim into their workflow.

Key Features and Customizations

In this small - unscripted presentation - I tried to demonstrate how to navigate, copy (yank🧒) and paste and other stuff to increase your productivity.

You will find there a handy link to my personal init.vim configuration via a Gist - feel free to copy it, but not blindly, you need to know what are the things that you want and others you can discard.

Once again, throughout the video, you will find how to do basic navigation and what are the different modes to more complex functions like deleting lines, yanking and pasting text, and adjusting indentation.

Don't worry, the video is structured with clear timestamps ⏱️ for each topic.

For those looking to dive deeper, the tutorial covers advanced features like using NerdTreeToggle for file exploration and how to perform a word search within a file. Each feature is demonstrated with practical examples, making it easy to follow along and implement on your own.

Thanks guys and I will see in the next one - peace ✌️

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