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ASMR Coding a JavaScript App | No Talk - Rainy Night

I did not realize how coding tutorials on YouTube are sometimes annoying - including my own (no exception πŸ˜„), don't get me wrong, I mean it's great to be taught and all but often it's just annoying, you want to watch someone coding in silence and code with them, especially if you're familiar with the language/framework/tech they're using in the video.

This is an HTML/CSS/JavaScript application, coded from scratch in silence in a rainy night here in Poland, and I did not want to talk just code in silence and if you're a beginner - intermediate, you can code along with me or you can leave it turned on while doing your own stuff.

The idea was inspired from one famous YouTuber called Takuya and his channel is called "devaslife", he's a Japanese from Osaka who speaks perfect English. The man types in a very smooth way on the terminal - he uses Fish terminal - and never touches the mouse in all of his videos; productive and efficient. I was only inspired by him, and started creating my own videos with my own style, just occasionally not being the main style on the channel.

The Application itself is a Steps converter .. say you walked today 31450 steps (info from your iphone or android app) but you don't know what does that mean in Km ? or how much calories have you burned ? so you enter the number of steps in the application and it outputs the result after a nice loading animation is being displayed (just for UX, nothing more - a simple setTimeOut method).

Here's the video
Hope you enjoy it - if you like that type of videos

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