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What repos would you recommend to new contributors for Hacktoberfest?

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I'm making a list of repositories that are friendly to new contributors for Hacktoberfest. If your project is participating in Hacktoberfest or if you have one you'd recommend, drop it below.

If you're not sure what makes it friendly, I'm a (biased) fan of Virtual Coffee's checklist to help identify those repos:

Repo checklist

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Vincent A. Cicirello

I have some open issues related to language translations for internationalization in the repository below. Great for beginners if they know a language in one of the open issues. The project is mostly in Python. But to add support for a language just requires editing a JSON file.

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Generate a GitHub stats SVG for your GitHub Profile README in GitHub Actions



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The cicirello/user-statistician GitHub Action generates a detailed visual summary of your activity on GitHub in the form of an SVG suitable to display on your GitHub Profile README Although the intended use-case is to generate an SVG image for your GitHub Profile README you can also potentially link to the image from a personal website, or from anywhere else where you'd like to share a summary of your activity on GitHub. The SVG that the action generates includes statistics for the repositories that you own, your contribution statistics (e.g., commits, issues, PRs, etc), as well as the distribution of languages within public repositories that you own The user stats image can be customized, including the colors such as with one of the built-in themes or your own set of custom…

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Jessica Alves • Edited

Last Hacktoberfest I contributed to this one as a new contributor and it was very cool:

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Deveesh Shetty

I have some repositories which I would like to have some contributions and ideas from other developers

They are still in development, and can be improved a lot.

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Saurabh Rai

Hi Bekah,
Yes, I'm looking for people to contribute to Resume Matcher this Hacktoberfest.
I'll be making a post soon as well πŸ€—.

Here's the repo: