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A Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up Your Account and Acquiring Azure Credits

This article revolves around How you get Azure Credits for Learning purpose. We at Azure Developer Community, India powered by Microsoft, are driving an initiative of 100DaysofCloud series, and setting up an Azure account is the initial step.

The 100 Days of Cloud Series with Microsoft Azure is a transformative journey encompassing various Azure services. Before diving into the technical aspects, let's explore the different scenarios for setting up your Azure account. Whether you're a college student, a working professional, or a startup founder, there are tailored approaches to kickstart your cloud adventure.

Scenario you're in:

- You're a college student with a college ID registered with Microsoft: Microsoft for Students: Azure for Students

Azure For Students

If you have a college ID, then this is the only video you should check out. Quickly set up your account and get started with Microsoft Azure. Don't worry about putting in your debit/credit card; you won't go beyond these $100. Use this link to set up your account: Reference Video

- You're a college student, but you don't have a college ID or it's not associated/registered with Microsoft: Free Trial: Azure Free Trial

Emails not registered with Microsoft

In this case, the challenge becomes a little tough, but we'll be using the Free Trial strategy. Sign up for Azure with a new email ID for a month, and you'll get $100. Once you reach around Day 25 (I'll remind everyone on Day 25), you just have to cancel your Free Trial. It’s important to note that while the free account lasts for 12 months, your credits must be spent in the first 30 days.

- You're a working professional, and your organization works on Azure:

If you're working in an organization that uses Azure, then it's a cakewalk for you. The services we've outlined are not restrictive (as per the survey we've conducted with a couple of organizations). So, you have the opportunity to explore this 100 Days of Cloud streak with us. You're already a champion of Azure; just showcase your ability in the community through this challenge. There are some other ways as well, which I've shared later in this blog; go through it quickly.

- You're a working professional, and your organization doesn't work on Azure:

If you're a working professional, but your organization doesn't work on Azure, then you can explore all the ways below that Microsoft offers.

- You're a young Startup Founder: Microsoft For Startups.

Microsoft empowers all SMEs with mentorship programs, Cloud Credits, and if you're willing to join a closed circle of Microsoft-associated startups, then this can be a good opportunity for you,

Ways to Obtain Azure Credits:

Microsoft for Students:

Azure For Students

  • Benefit: When students sign up with their school email address, Microsoft provides $100 in credits. This helps them advance their careers and develop skills in Azure, offering free access to learning paths, labs, and professional developer tools.

Azure Free Account:

Azure Free Account

  • Benefit: Whether you're just starting in Azure or seeking to deepen your knowledge, a free account, offering $200 in credits, is an excellent way to explore without committing to a long-term plan.

GitHub Student Developer Pack:

GitHub Student Developer Pack

  • Benefit: Available to students, educators, and institutions, this program provides $200 in Azure credits for educators. It's suitable for those teaching advanced workloads, building cloud-based skills, or just embarking on an Azure learning journey.

Microsoft for Nonprofits:

Microsoft for Nonprofits

  • Benefit: Approved organizations receive $3,500 in Azure credits annually. These credits can be utilized to purchase all Azure workloads created by Microsoft, excluding Azure Active Directory, which is licensed under EM+S. It offers diverse credits and resources, making Azure an affordable option for organizations in any industry or learning level.

Microsoft Partner Network:

Microsoft Partner Network

  • Benefit: Members of Microsoft’s Action Pack program within the Partner Network receive $100 of Azure credits every month. These credits can be used for any Azure service based on computing needs.

Visual Studio Subscription:

Visual Studio

  • Benefit: Visual Studio subscribers receive monthly Azure credits. The amount depends on the type of Visual Studio subscription. These credits can be utilized for exploring and testing various Azure services. Additionally, one can try this within a free trial for learning purposes without incurring any charges initially.

Microsoft Azure for Research:

Microsoft Research

  • Benefit: By applying for a Microsoft Azure for Research Grant, you can receive $100 in credits. These credits support the development of your research projects on Azure. There are additional benefits if selected as a Research Scholar at Microsoft based on the success of your research work.

Microsoft Imagine Cup:

Imagine CupX

  • Benefit: Participating in the Imagine Cup, a global hackathon by Microsoft, provides an opportunity to earn credits. Microsoft Imagine students can explore Azure at no cost and without commitment, with no time limit. No payment instrument like a credit card is required. Users can upgrade to more services later if desired. Imagine Cup also enables testing Azure skills at a global level.

How to survive if you go beyond credits or if you get charged? What to do if you exceed the credit limit ? What if you gets invoices to pay Azure Bills :

If you're a college student, and using Azure for learning purposes, Microsoft is very soft and supportive to help you all the way long. No need to pay anything, you would have to talk to their prompt Customer Service/Support Team, and you've to tell the reason that you're exploring Azure for Learning purposes, and you didn't know how the things work here. You really had a hard time to explore Azure, and now you're getting Dollar Bills, Microsoft will always compensate you on those bills, considering you're using it for Learning purposes.

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