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Qualification question

I'm a new coder and is working on JS on VS code!
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Hello, I've been wondering what qualifications you need to be able to qualify for a job?

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Mike Ekkel

I'm going to be honest with you, this all depends on the job. One thing is for sure tho, you do not need a computer science degree to get into tech. What kind of job would you be interested in?

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BeginnerCoder17 Author • Edited

I don't know yet, I feel embarrassed because I need to do more research but IDK. I do want to be a full stack dev though.

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Mike Ekkel

There is nothing to be embarrassed about! A big part of tech is knowing you don’t have all the answers, so we all keep on learning as we go. If your aim is to become a full stack dev, I’d recommend starting out small. Perhaps just HTML and CSS. Add Javascript for behavioral changes.

You could then move towards the backend and start looking into ways to create a server using node or python.

I’m a frontend developer myself, so my knowledge on your backend options are a bit limited.

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