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Svelte is cool and all, but I question if we need another proprietary library which enforces its way of working, and further fragments the ecosystem.

We already have an established ecosystem of solid choices like React Vue, Angular, Ember and Aurelia. Is Svelte really needed? It's new, missing a lot of features and isn't very well tested.

It seems like a risk to use Svelte for anything in production. For side projects and the like, it would be fine. But the lack of community it ecosystem makes it a no go for me.


As I shared in the article, I am aware of Svelte being a very new concept with a lot of room to grow. It can't grow without productive conversation and buzz.

I am sure that you being a member of the Aurelia core development team, can understand the passion that is ignited by a project you find favourable and appreciate.


There was a time when React, Vue were those unnecessary frameworks that nobody needed.

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