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Nadia Zhuk
Nadia Zhuk

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You might be fired tomorrow. Are you ready?

The bull market is over, and the people with the cushiest jobs – software engineers – are getting sacked from outwardly successful companies. This week brought sad news about Klarna, Getir, Gorillas firing a significant percentage of their talent, engineers included.

I fear this is just the beginning.

So, the chances of you losing your job as a software engineer just became significantly higher. Are you ready for what's to come?

If not, watch my video to hear some of my thoughts on being ready for the worst while keeping a cool head:

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Nikita Koselev

Well, I agree and disagree.

Resumes are important.
However, getting your skills up to the date is even more important.

Find 1-3 OSS companies which you really like. Contribute heavily. Profit.
Now your resume shines in a totally different way.