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UK Global Talent Visa Course is out 🔥

Hey friends,

Exciting news! My FREE nine part video course on how to get the UK Global Talent Visa is now available on YouTube.

You will learn:

  • what is the mandatory criteria for the Global Talent Visa

  • how you can prove you have been recognized as a leader in digital tech

  • whether your work is innovative enough to meet the innovation criteria

  • how you can prove you have made significant contributions to tech

  • whether your community work and open source contributions will be enough to meet the "outside contribution" requirement of Tech Nation

  • whether you have a chance of meeting the academic criteria

  • whether you are eligible for the visa despite your consultancy experience

  • how to get strong letters of recommendation and which mistakes to avoid

It's the most detailed series of explainers on the topic I've seen on YouTube so far, so make sure you educate yourself before you start preparing your case:

Watch the full video course here.

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