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Live Stream on Scrimba

Image descriptionJust finished my second live stream of the week, this time as a guest on Scrimba Youtube Live, and it was an amazing experience!

Despite not feeling great before going live, somehow I got into the flow and had lots of energy during the stream.

I don't remember half of what I said (too excited 😅), but judging from feedback, it was very useful and I dropped lots of insights.

We talked about
🔥 learning to code on your own
🔥 getting your first job in tech
🔥 dealing with lack of confidence as a self-taught dev
🔥 managing your mental state while you are trying to break into tech
🔥 and much more!

All important topics that I love talking about.

Watch the recording if you missed the live stream:

P.S. DM me if you want to create something together. I'd love to be a guest on your show or give a speech or maybe lead a workshop around the topic of building a career in tech. For more examples of my public speaking, check out this playlist:

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