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Nadia Zhuk
Nadia Zhuk

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I gave an interview. Good fun!

Back in March, I was interviewed for "ArtemKuznetsovTV" channel. It's a Youtube channel about programming, immigration and all things in between, run by a FAANG software engineer from Russia.

We talked about my journey into tech and my experience in this industry so far. The interview was released yesterday, and felt like a blast from the past.

We shot the whole thing next to London Eye, it was a pretty unusual experience, with people walking past us, kids running around and posing for pictures, just a whole bunch of random stuff happening all around us. Definitely a step outside my comfort zone to record in such a busy location, but it turned out so nice!

The interview itself is a bit on a the long side (see how British I am becoming in my understatements, but I do tend to speak too much, especially when I get anxious). Luckily, there are timestamps to help you navigate the recording. Let me know what you think.

P.S. If you'd like to invite me on your podcast or channel after watching this, I'm all for it. DM me on Twitter or Linkedin if you want to collaborate and record something fun on the topics of tech, immigration, foreign languages, books or career.

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Veronika Fatikhova

I enjoyed watching and listening to your story, Nadia, thanks for sharing the details! Although they may also appear in your book, listening is way more enjoyable!