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💩 happens: public speaking edition

I have recently been doing quite a bit of public speaking.

Almost every one of these events went wrong.

An incomplete list of things that have gone wrong so far:
💩 Zoom link to the event never appeared on the event meetup page.
💩 Zoom link appeared but nobody could open it.
💩 We started recording a video stream, but then had to turn off video because bandwidth was too slow, recording stopped as well, we noticed it after recording for about 10 minutes and had to re-record (and lost some golden content in the meantime).
💩 A kitten started biting my legs and jumping on my keyboard while I was talking about Object Oriented Programming.
💩 The organizer of the event didn’t have access to the internet for external reasons and I couldn’t prep properly.

I’m scared to think what will happen next.

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