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A welcome post

It's my birthday today, so I feel like writing an introduction post for all my new followers here.

I'm Nadia, and this is what you should know about me:

🤖 I'm a self-taught software engineer, building chat bots at Intercom
📖 I published a book about how anyone can become a programmer
👩‍💻 My goal is to help more non-STEM people enter tech

On my LinkedIn, I talk about learning to code and building a career in tech.

If you are now learning to code, check out my book.

This book will be your personal mentor that will teach you everything you need to know to go from zero tech skills to being employed as a coder.

You might also want to check out my Youtube channel:

I talk about:
✅ finding your first job in tech
✅ managing your career growth
✅ taking control of your mental health and productivity

Thanks for reading until the end ❤️

Feel free to introduce yourself down below 👇

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