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Do you listen to music while coding?

Chillhop, retrowave... best genres to listen while coding IMO

Join Us in Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Pride!

thanks for this, it's really touching

Discussing Microsoft's open-sourcity

no problem! I would let you know as soon the translation is p...

Discussing Microsoft's open-sourcity

I love how step by step you break down all the topics. I was ...

Discussing Microsoft's open-sourcity


My game development experience

At that time I did not know which way to go or what technolog...

My game development experience

maybe in the future! 🤞

Seems like GitHub is down

awesome idea 💜

Seems like GitHub is down

It's raining and we are in lockdown so...

Prepare yourself to work in Cloud

I love the way you offer paths to different roles in develo...

Are newer developers pushed too exclusively towards web development?

Let's organize to write more about mobile, videogame develo...

Explain Kubernetes to me like I'm Five

thanks for this, you are awesome!

Enseñando programación en C# con @yeswetech_org

¡Un placer conocerte! En mi perfil puedes encontrar más co...

Bye bye Postman ! Let's share your REST API calls in team, easily !

sounds good, thanks!

7 Shell Commands Which Make You Have A Smile

xeyes brings me good memories!

Techpeople, do you ever take notes?

I'm currently studying for a Microsoft certification... and...

Repost your tech blog, get a larger audience without hurting SEO

thanks a lot for this!

What changes are you making in 2020?

Being SOLID, get a DevOps life in my job... and get a deep ...

What technology are you planning to learn in 2020? 💡

Azure 💙

What's your favorite Markdown editor?

VS Code!

Skills/learning roadmap

Most of the bootcamps I know emphasize on frameworks like V...

We are releasing tickets for DevFest Málaga ‘19!

They are very concentrated in the different locations, but ...

We are releasing tickets for DevFest Málaga ‘19!

I'm ready!

A simple .NET Core API design

Hello! I find this very interesting ... but why replace the...

So you want to get started with AR.js

Thanks to you now I'm watching my own 3D models in AR, it's...

Writing a blog post with VSCode

this is awesome, thanks!

What are you doing while twitter is down?

playing ttrpgs

¿Hay personas de México o América Latina posteando aquí en Dev.To?

¡Muy interesada en el contenido que escribas sobre DDD!

What software development skills only come with experience?

Communication, writing clean code... but that's also commun...

What means the unicorn response?

you loved the post but in a magical way (?)

Music for coding – what do you listen to?

I usually listen lo-fi playlists in YouTube, as @mintii sa...

Study Habits For Programmers Part I: Let's make a study plan.

I'll do it, challenge accepted!

Study Habits For Programmers Part I: Let's make a study plan.

Here I go! 1) What is our success point? Learn Xamarin 2)...

So, is it DEV, or The Practical Dev?

I always say devTo!

¿Hay personas de México o América Latina posteando aquí en Dev.To?

¡Buenas! Soy Elena, escribiendo desde España, aunque todaví...

Do You Remember Your First Coding Experience?

I started with Python, learning on my own, but I didnt get ...

Best ways to prepare for an interview?

Be human, be real. Show your interest in the technologies y...

How do you

I use this site as a reading platform. I'm writing a few ga...

Have You Been "Ghosted" By An Employer?


Why is your preferred programming language your go-to?

C#per from the bottom of my heart ❤️

What is your ideal coding hour?

Cold and lonely nights, after 21:00

What good habits are you trying to adopt?

Get more sleep, write more (fiction, novels and stuff), dra...

How to Build an Online Presence as a Junior Developer

Wonderful advice, this kind of practices helped me to get m...

The StackOverflow 2018 Developer Survey Results are live!

Non-binary people do not even reach 1% :(

How do you learn from online material? Notes? Live coding? Just listen?

Taking notes while listening, then coding!

Explain dependency injection like I'm five

now I need dependency injection in my life

Explain dependency injection like I'm five


If you could go back 10 years, what would you say to yourself?

Dont be afraid, things will get better. So take that keyboa...

What do you think of the new Go logo?

Without Gopher on it... this new logo has no special meanin...

Stack Overflow Isn’t Very Welcoming. It’s Time for That to Change.

I love the idea but... we'll need good luck for that to cha...

GitHub Markdown Tips


Are you an introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in between?

We have a word in Spanish for somewhere in between in this ...

Google announces support for Kotlin on Android, now what?

I've been hearing about Kotlin for a while... this summer wou...

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