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At dotnetmalaga 2019

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I live in Málaga, Spain, where every year we celebrate dotnetmalaga, an event of web, cloud and Microsoft technologies.

This is the second year I attend, but I decided to participate with a talk about a technology that I'm starting to love and learning of: Entity Framework Core. With my workmates of Bravent and a very friendly community, we enjoyed a day full of knowledge.

It's a fantastic opportunity to learn in a relaxed environement, know some awesome people and share knowledge. This year we learnt about robotics, the new things to come about Xamarin.Forms, authentication in .NET, test automation and more!

The organization behind this event also streamed one of the tracks, to ensure the talks and workshops are accessible to everyone anytime. Check the dotnetmalaga YouTube channel to see all the recorded session.

I am looking forward to next year to learn more and discover great things!

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