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How to create good patreon benefits

This case I will add my exclusive Discord Server for new Patreons!!

Step 1: Have a Discord Server created.

Step 2: Log in to Patreon and navigate to your Creator Page Editor. From here select the Tiers link of your editor. From here select the Tiers link.
Step 3: Click the Edit tier button on a Tier you’d like to assign a Discord role(s) and click into the Advanced button. Scroll until you find the Connect to Discord button.

Step 4: Click the Connect to Discord button and log in to your Discord account via the pop-up window that populates.


Step 5: Head to the Server Settings window and navigate to the Roles tab. You’ll notice a new “Patreon” role is in your server, go ahead and rename the role “Patreon Bot”.

Server management tips:

  • Rename your roles so that they match your Tier names
  • Give your roles a distinguishing color
  • Enable the Display role members separately from online members setting, this will help you distinguish Patrons from other server members

Step 6: Give the Patreon Bot the required permissions
Make sure that the Patreon Bot is above the roles you’ve just created for your Tiers. If you have existing roles you’d like to assign to patrons, be sure to drag the Patreon Bot above those roles. If the Patreon Bot is not above these roles, it will not assign that role to patrons.

Important: Do not deselect or add any permissions to the Patreon Bot! It has all of the permissions it needs, and adding any additional permissions may break the integration.


Step 7: Click the Edit tier button on a Tier you’d like to assign a Discord role(s), and click into the Advanced button. Scroll down and select Gives patrons access to selected Discord roles. A drop-down menu will populate where you can select a role.

You can select multiple roles. This useful if higher tiers are meant to receive benefit that lower tiers do. When you’ve selected your role(s) click Save tier button.

And done, now you can create better benefits for your patreons 🎉

Enjoy and support me in Patreon, I create several things related to open source😄

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