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What I Learned as a Junior Developer

Two years ago, I started my adventure as a developer. Since then, I've picked up a ton of valuable lessons that have shaped my career and helped me grow both at work and in life. I want to share some of these lessons, hoping they might help others who are just starting out in software development.

Collaboration is Everything

When I first started, I thought a developer needed to know everything and solve all problems alone. But I quickly realized that collaboration is one of the keys to success in tech.

Working in a team showed me that two (or more) heads are better than one
I learned to value the different perspectives and approaches my colleagues bring. Not only did we improve the quality of our code, but we also learned from each other and grew together.

Asking Questions is No Shame

At first, I was afraid to ask questions, thinking I would seem inexperienced or bother my colleagues. But soon I realized that asking questions is one of the fastest ways to learn.

Asking for help from more experienced developers saved me hours of frustration and mistakes. Plus, I found that well-formulated questions show my interest and commitment and encourage a culture of learning and collaboration within the team.

Knowing How to Listen

Just as asking questions is important, knowing how to listen is too. Receiving feedback and suggestions from more experienced folks is a golden opportunity to improve my skills.

I learned to listen carefully to constructive criticism and apply the suggestions. This helped me avoid future mistakes and adopt better development practices. Being a good listener also strengthened my professional relationships, showing that I value my colleagues' experience and knowledge.

Anxiety is your worst enemy

One of the biggest challenges I faced was the anxiety of wanting to do everything at once: learning all the new technologies, joining every project, and being the best at everything. But this approach quickly proved unsustainable.

Over time, I learned to prioritize and focus on what truly matters. I set realistic goals and created a continuous learning plan. This not only helped me manage my time better but also significantly reduced my anxiety.


The journey as a junior developer is full of challenges but also growth opportunities. I hope my experience can serve as inspiration for other beginner developers. Remember, you're not alone ❀️ The developer community is super collaborative, and there's always someone willing to help. Keep learning, asking, and collaborating. Growth is a continuous journey.

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