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Code review for release 0.3

First review

For the first review, I'm taking a good look at @lmpham1 PR where he fix the Before I was in, there was a lot of comments on how to improve the docs. The docs look pretty clear and straightforward to me the only comment that I would make was adding a suggestion on how he would organize text and integral types in the table. I would love to go with his idea where we organize the elements follow excel flavor

Image description

Second review

My second reviews is on Antonio PR. So when I did the first review I regconize @lmpham1 move the image to be fetched from static/img/ so I make a comment to direct him to @lmpham1 PR

There is always a learning opportunities

When doing review, you might get back a lot of knowledge and information. I come accross this PR where one of my colleague trying to add Prettier as source code formatter to the IPC144 project. I learn that the order merging PR matter, and some of the comment of our prof also point out the direction on how we should solve the problem

The minute we land the prettier stuff, we also need to format the whole tree at the same time. We have to be ready to deal with the edge cases before this goes in.

I would file issues on the specific things that Prettier is breaking, get those fixed and merged, rebase this, and then run prettier over the whole tree and land.

So review is also a learning opportunity as you go but also help the PR author catch and receive different aspect of how peoples gonna solve the same problem

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