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Cool project! You can do the same thing with a single node kubernetes cluster, and then that gives you the ability to add more nodes to it later if needed. There's a small amount of lost system resources due to kubernetes overhead, but it's not much. If you are looking for a friendly UI for management, I really like Rancher 2.x


Thank you! 😄

Currently we are using one server/docker engine for all of the apps/services, but the next version of Coolify, will support Docker Swarm and/or Kubernetes cluster, that's sure.

But it's not our primary focus at the moment as all of our frontends are Progressive Web Applications - the clients only downloads them once / released version - so the most resources (CPU/Memory/Network, etc..) are used by our backend code. We are fine with one server, but definietly will be changed to a scalable one.

We are focusing on extending our repertoire of applications.

Never used Rancher before, only read about it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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