How to locate all usages of a method in PHP code with Bash and Git

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Using Git grep you can locate code fragment very, very fast. Much faster than any IDE. So I made a very simple script to help me refactor my code.


Create a file find-usage.sh with the following content

git grep -C2 -p -E "(-[>]|::)$1\("

make it executable with

chmod +x find-usage.sh

It will locate usage like $object->method() as well as Object::staticMethod().


find-usage.sh methodName


>_bin/find-usage.sh getName
app/Models/Addworking/User/Concerns/User/HasLogs.php=trait HasLogs
app/Models/Addworking/User/Concerns/User/HasLogs.php-    {
app/Models/Addworking/User/Concerns/User/HasLogs.php-        $this->log()->create([
app/Models/Addworking/User/Concerns/User/HasLogs.php:            'route'         => optional($request->route())->getName() ?? 'n/a',
app/Models/Addworking/User/Concerns/User/HasLogs.php-            'url'           => substr($request->fullUrl(), 0, 254),
app/Models/Addworking/User/Concerns/User/HasLogs.php-            'http_method'   => $request->getMethod(),

Leave a like and a comment if you need help using it.

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