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Finally I decided to register myself on dev.to. I loved tweeting around on Twitter and following developers from all around the world so this should be the perfect platform for myself!

Who are you?

I'm Dominik, frontend developer from Berlin and currently working on a modern chat solution for companies @ ZIP-Software.

I love JavaScript, React, development in general and open source and I always try to pick up something new everyday.

I also enjoy video games, general chats and metal music.

What did you work on?

I think one of my biggest success-stories is my Discord server called "Devcord". We're almost at 4k users and have a very active core community which discusses webdevelopment topics.

We built the bot framework "Cordlr" together which is inactive right now and won't be updated for a long time.

I also worked on the open source Wordpress Framework "Flynt" (https://flyntwp.com) while working for the webdevelopment agency Bleech.

Otherwise I also built several smaller solutions and packages for all kind of things. Just check out my GitHub account!

I think thats it for my first post. Have fun reading it!

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I produce code. - Prefers React over Vue - Prefers VSCode over any other editor - Likes React Native - Absolutely loves GraphQL / Apollo


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