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Bruno Pérez
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Do front-end developers fear the back-end?

As the frontier between frontend and backend is not clear in most people's minds (especially clients), frontend developers sometimes have to deal with backend requests. They can ask you to create an API, an admin panel, etc.

If you are a freelancer or working on a small team without a backend developer, how do you handle those requests? Do you give it a try or just refuse it straight away?

I am interested in hearing about different experiences on this topic. Leave your answer as a comment.

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Sébastien Conejo • Edited

We have published the results of our survey on this subject. You can find them here

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I get what you're saying, but let me break it down mixing frontend and backend work can be cool for learning. But, it's important to know when to draw the line. Setting limits helps stay sharp and get stuff done. However, setting boundaries is key to maintaining focus and efficiency. It's about finding that balance, you know?

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as a Front-End developer, we can focus on the layout, UI/UX, CSS or working in a front-end frameworks (Reactjs, VueJS,...).
Moreover, a front-end dev could do some simple CRUD Apis - just simple for those.

  • front-end devs don't need to know the aspects of back-end such as how to create background jobs(Cron jobs), optimise database, webhook,... (well, it just nice to have) in my projects, sometimes I have to write APIs for my front-end. It's cool bros, Ican decide on my own whatever the data is and modify it as I want
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Sabin Baniya

I started as a frontend developer and am currently taking projects as a fullstack web developer. While Im not specialized in any particular type of backend projects, I can take on fairly medium sized application that don't have like crazy requirements for backend. What I take on mostly is creating normal APIs, with SQL or NoSQL databases. So yeah, I used to be scared of backend as well but the more you explore the more comfortable you become.

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That's pretty cool. I am a student at ALX Software Engineering and doing Diploma in Computing and Information Systems. I want to succeed in my career. You have impressed me they you handle things that you don't have more knowledge but still being able to bring something up and working.
I hope one day I'm gonna handle complex projects like yours. Currently, I am doing taking C programming.