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Movies for/about coders and such

Hi everyone!

Let's share our favourite movies/series about tech, coders, hackers and such. In other words, people like us. I'll start :)

Here is my unordered list:

The Gamechangers

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I'd say it's the best movie of Daniel Radcliffe so far, on par with Guns Akimbo. From a dream to big money and big responsibilities.

Mr. Robot

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What I loved is while being extremely fictionalised and far from reality technically speaking it is very atmospheric and inspiring in a way. Plus the story twist is super good.

Silicon Valley

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This one shows the eternal struggle and ups and downs of a tech startup. As I understand it's a comedy but the main character stress is something any founder can relate.

The Billion Dollar Code

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A typical story but the ay it is filmed and dramatised makes the characters very relatable, although the story is known and the ending is not a mystery it made me feeling and rooting for them anyway. On top of that the atmosphere of Berlin is shown in it's full glory!

Which one did you really liked? Please share 🙌

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