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Discussion on: If your manager told you to spend the next two weeks working on any "fun and fulfilling" project at work, what would you do?

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Ben Butler

Document the codebase of our apps. Refactoring is a long-term goal, but large parts of them work decently now. Like most development shops, though, people have come and gone and meant to do the documentation later. That's led to all the common issues (and actually contributed to much of the code that actually needs refactored, because people didn't use existing methods and did things twice).

Good documentation for the code would solve so many problems, but we're going to do it "someday".

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Chad Naz

They should have you do this anyway ha

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Maxime Moreau

I have the same damn problem with documentation. We're dealing with data pipelines that aren't documented so it's hard to maintain...
I'm already trying to catch some time to do it because it's becoming a mess. No business rules documentation ect :(