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re: Awesome. Now, let me ask the even bigger newbie question... HOW do I contribute? I've never worked on a group coding project before.

How you specifically contribute is going to change per project. Most mature and popular OSS projects are going to have a Contributing.md file that would walk you through their process and what they expect from a contributor before attempting to make a PR. React Contributing.md.

For my project, Express Admin Area, you'll notice there is no Contributing.md and that's because I don't care. If someone does something blatantly wrong then sure I'll correct them or ask for a fix but it's pretty laid back.

Now if you're wondering about how to get your code into their code base then I would look over How to contribute but the idea is pretty much

  • Fork OSS repository
  • Clone the Fork to your machine
  • Create new branch (typically you wont be making PR's from your Master branch
  • Make changes & write meaningful commit messages
  • Push commits to your Fork
  • Make PR to the original repo
  • Wait for someone to merge or ask for changes
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