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re: Hi Brandon, I'm really glad the article pushed you to start working with SSR ! If I understood your first question correctly, you'd have an Expres...

Gotcha, definitely cleared up what I was thinking, thank you.

So I guess another question is what is technically SSR? You touch on it a bit in this post but with everything getting data from a RESTful endpoint this would typically mean even a simple blog grabbing a posts' content from a database wouldn't be considered SSR correct?

For example, if using Next and React, when requesting a blog post I would have a fetch request inside of the componentDidMount() method which is only called after the initial render() method. The way you've explained the Gmail scenario makes me think that this is no longer considered SSR even if using Next to render the page, correct? Another thought is that perhaps all of this is done on the server side, going through all of the React Component LifeCycle Methods before actually sending the HTML to the client which if that's the case then that would be considered SSR.

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