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Tools I Use For Blogging

This post is specially written for the celebration of completing 200+ followers on .


I started blogging about technologies, nature and Science at a young age of 13 , at 2014 I started a Blogger blog called AlphaPedia , it had barely 1000 monthly unique visitors and 5 to 10 daily visitors. That time I knew nothing about blogging , so after few weeks I got bored and started mainly focusing on Programming so I Left Blogging!

But Again, In 2018 , Palash Bauri returned , enriched with knowledge and skills. . . I started a new blog Adventure Of Palash and It is a kind of success to me.

Now It has more than 7000 unique visitors and increasing.

I'm thinking of writing an article how to start with no money and create & maintain a good looking blog.

I mainly use open source technologies to run and maintain my blog, today I'll share with you guys what tools I use for blogging.

So Let's Start!

• GitHub Pages

If you're from open source community, you might have heard the name of platform GitHub

Yes you guessed right I use GitHub Pages to host my blog.

• Git

As usual a version control is definitely needed to use GitHub and Push Changes.

Being easy to use and default on GitHub , I Use Git ,

• Jekyll & Jasper 2 (theme)

Jekyll is the preferred static site generator for GitHub Pages , so as usual I use Jekyll to build my site with help of Travis-CI (I had to use Travis-CI because due to security reasons GitHub doesn't support some plugins)

I always wanted to use the Ghost blogging platform , but I couldn't find a cheap way to use it. But Fortunately I found a Jekyll theme called Jasper2 which helped my blog to get a Ghost like look.

• Remarkable

When writing articles on computer i use Remarkable to write.

It's easy to use and fast!

• Markor

Open Source Markdown editor for Android which I'm currently using to write this article.

I use to so much , to write todos , keep notes of some ideas and much more

Markor is a great tool!

• MrHyde

When I'm on mobile and want to publish a new article or make some changes I usually use MrHyde , an Android app for maintaining Jekyll Blogs.

That's a very useful app which even has an editor to make some instant changes.

But bad news is , it's not maintained by Developers anymore. 😟

Due to GDPR , MrHyde might not be available on Play Store in your country, so you can download it from here

• Canva , Adobe Spark Post, GIMP

To make blog post banners and make some graphics I use often use Canva or Adobe Spark Post when using Android and when on Computer I use GIMP.

They are awesome tools.

These are the tools which I use for my blog. You can try them, I hope you'll like it.

That's it for now friends , see you next time. Till then let me know your thoughts, suggestions and questions in the comments below 👇

If You Like My Work (My Articles, Stories, Softwares, Researches and many more) Consider Buying Me A Coffee ☕ 🤗

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chee profile image

For beginners getting their foot wet on web dev, a jekyll blog on github pages is the perfect project. For beginners on rails, maybe give middleman + middleman blog gem. Once you're feeling confident, try creating a full featured blog from scratch.

My 🛠: middleman, macdown, digital ocean, dokku

heyarviind profile image

GoHugo is also best for static site pages

ahmedmusallam profile image
Ahmed Musallam is fantastic for free high-quality images for banners.

bauripalash profile image
Palash Bauri 👻 Author

When I use Adobe Spark Post or GIMP , I usually use free images from Unsplash , pixabay and pexels.

tux0r profile image

Your MrHyde link does not work on a German Play Store. Is that some country-related thing?

bauripalash profile image
Palash Bauri 👻 Author • Edited on

I don't think so , here's the github repo link ,

Play Store Link is also available There.

tux0r profile image

I get a 404 behind that.

Thread Thread
bauripalash profile image
Palash Bauri 👻 Author

I got it. I found an issue.

They have temporarily removed it to comply with GDPR.

As I'm from India ,GDPR doesn't apply here, so it's visible here.

Download MrHyde from here

gbscode profile image
Babafemi Sorinolu

Hi. Thanks for this great post. I took some steps in trying to create myself a page.
How do I setup the Jasper2 theme on my page?

bauripalash profile image
Palash Bauri 👻 Author

Setting up Jasper2 theme was really even tough for me, it took me a whole day to correctly configure all the things.

Hold Tight this is gonna take a little bit extra time...

I'm assuming that you're able to work with git, github and Jekyll.

First clone the Jasper 2 Github Repo locally, then delete the .git folder .

Configure the site according to you need such as changing title, author etc. and don't forget to delete all the posts.

Try running the site locally to see if everything works fine or not, if it's not messed up it should work fine.

Now initialise a git repo there and create a commit. Create a repo with such as , where username is your GitHub username. Then push the local files to GitHub repo.

Create another branch named dev as same as master branch , both locally and on GitHub. Sync them properly.

Then go to the settings of the GitHub repo and set dev as default branch.

In local repo, open up the file Rakefile and on line 16 change DESTINATION_BRANCH = "gh-pages" to DESTINATION_BRANCH = "master"

Now save the file. And open _config.yml and on line 71 change branch: master to branch: dev

Don't forget to change username on line 69 and repo on 70 according to yours.

If you've done the setup correctly try opening, , you'll see a simple page , but don't cheer up now hard work is still ahead. Your page is not yet working perfectly now, if you have any post now, you can't read them right now.

To make it work perfectly we have to use Travis-CI (you can use other CI , but setting up Travis-CI was easy)

First login to your Travis-CI dashboard and enable the repo you're using.

Then open this link and create a token (don't forget to give it a name)..

Don't close the tab for now, now head to the local repo, switch branch to dev then Open the file .ttavis.yml and on line 20 delete the secure thing.

Now open up the terminal there, and install the travis ruby gem with gem install travis (use sudo if needed)

Now, execute this command , travis encrypt 'GIT_NAME="YOUR_USERNAME" GIT_EMAIL="YOUR_EMAIL" GH_TOKEN=YOUR_TOKEN'

Replace YOUR_USERNAME with your GitHub username

Replace YOUR_EMAIL with your email address you used to sign-up in GitHub

Replace YOUR_TOKEN with the token you got few minutes ago (your tab is still open)

After running this command you'll get another secure thing , copy it from terminal and put it back where the old secure thing was.

On line 23 of .travis.yml replace master with dev

Push the changes to GitHub , head over to Travis-CI and see if it's building your site.

I think everything is okay, Travis-CI will build your site within few minutes and your site will be live.

(I apologise if something is not working, i setup my site a long time ago and I forgot how exactly I setup it. Let me know if it works or not)

gbscode profile image
Babafemi Sorinolu

Thanks, i am going to follow your steps and will get back to you if i encounter issues

hanykowska profile image

This worked!!! I'm so happy. It took me sooooo long to set jasper2 on my local disk and then it turned out it doesn't work on gh-pages... Not anymore! Thanks so much for this post!

enriquemorenotent profile image
Enrique Moreno Tent

Just downloaded Remarkable. Looks interesting. Thanks for the reference.

scottishross profile image
Ross Henderson

Only thing I use for mine is Grammarly. I used to think my grammar was good!

bauripalash profile image
Palash Bauri 👻 Author

I use it sometimes... When on PC