Songs You Listen To While Coding?

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Do You Listen To Songs While Coding?

I Do!

Here's a songs I listen:

Here's the only 0.1% of favourite playlist!

Share Your Favourite Songs You Like to listen while coding ❀


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It's not a specific song but rather some kind of artists:

  • Bonobo
  • Radiohead
  • Aswekeepsearching
  • Intervals
  • Chipzel

Youtube also has great playlists:

  • anything lofi/hip hop/downtempo

Power metal! \m/

Almost exclusively power metal, with some adjacent genres and Dan Bull (I don't like rap, just Dan Bull)


I oscillate between straight tech house (artists like Format:B, Pleasurekraft, Claude VonStroke, Carl Cox, etc.) and hip-hop (Anderson .Paak, Wu-Tang, Nas, Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, etc.)

The former gets me in the zone and the latter makes me feel badass I guess.

I also like lo-fi and downtempo music for some moods.


I'm all over the place. A lot of video game music (some favorites are from the Final Fantasy series, The Talos Principle, and Celeste), Jewel, Metallica, Queen, Weezer, Celtic Women, DragonForce, and a variety of others from different rock genres, Celtic, folk, 80s and 90s pop, etc.


Lately, I've been listening to my playlist of ABBA and ABBA covers (Cher, Mamma Mia, metal bands like At Vance). It's super easy to get into a zone and pound out work when listening to upbeat disco music.


I usually just have EDM streaming. Depending on the day, might have trap, riddim, hardstlye or electro going β€” though some days I select more mellow stuff. Something about the jabbering of angry robots that goes with writing infrastructure automation (or troubleshooting).


I have a spotify playlist for this called Concentrate.
It mainly consists of:

  • Toundra.
  • Polyphia.
  • Intervals.
  • Madeon.
  • RichaadEB.

John Williams Movie Music!!! My husband and I are huge John Williams fans. So much so that I walked down the aisle when I got married to the Jurassic Park Theme song 😊


Haha, that's awesome!!

I was totally jamming out to the soundtrack for Hook around Christmas:

I highly recommend it. Nothing like a healthy dose of nostalgia. πŸ˜€

(Would recommend skipping 2:12 - 3:17, but the rest is awesome!)