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Eheh. The fact that we think "they" are going to attack us says a lot more about us than "them" :D

BTW if we want to keep this scientific, this is an interesting video on the question of "aliens":

Basically: the universe is too big for us to know if there are other "civilizations". And our galaxy is too big as well. For a supposed alien form the Fermi Paradox applies:

  1. sparking life is so complicated that we're among the few or the only one that "worked"
  2. they have already perished (maybe they developed before us and are gone)
  3. they are so advanced we're not capable of detecting them (the god like alien theory, I think they hint at this in Interstellar)

Right now we can't know which is the truth.

There's also a second video with ideas and solutions to the paradox:

For example:

  1. we've had tech to communicate for a hundred years, humans have existed for a blip on Earth's life. We can't know what happened everywhere in the universe in the last billions of years. Maybe there had been life somewhere.
  2. maybe our tech is not advanced enough
  3. why do we assume that we would be capable of communicating with a different species? We still don't understand how to communicate with most of the species here on Earth
  4. maybe if they are too advanced we don't want to be found ;-) (see how we treat species we deem inferior, gosh see how we treach other in the same species!)

Statistically is more likely we'll be the cause of our demise :D


So here TL;DR is , if they are advanced , you are totally doomed! πŸ˜…


That's why I said in the beginning:

The fact that we think "they" are going to attack us says a lot more about us than "them" :D

Why do we always think that if they are advanced their goal is to exterminate us? Too many sci-fi movies :)

Food for thought: maybe the reason why we think that it's because that what we would do to them in the first place.

Maybe we are doing that.... who knows... ;)

We just watched Ender's Game at home... Talk about miscommunication...


If there is a life form out there which has the technology to visit earth. Then we, humans, have nothing to fear. Either they have good intends, and all will be well. Or they will obliterate us within a blink because they have vastly superior technology.


aliens be like "nah they'll get rid of themselves soon enough"