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Bassim RAJI
Bassim RAJI

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Subscribe or not is the question (paid membership)

Well this is a question for the reading article/blog persons, I'm a person who read articles/blogs all the time kind of every morning or when I receive a notification of an interesting topic (sometimes in toilet :) ),but the thing is sometimes you need to pay to read something (exp: medium articles) and you begun asking yourself will it be worth ? will I consume this membership ? is it needed since if you want you can look for this blog and find it for free on another website or in the personal website of the blogger? but in same time you need to have it all in one place not look for it otherwise you will not read it, like for example I'm learning angular and you know it's like a sea you can't look for everything when you need it but sometimes you get notif or find interesting article about performance or how to make things ? or how to avoid this ?or ?or ?.
So my question here is, is it worth to pay for this kind of service? and if yes do you find the number worth? and if some of you have paid membership on which website are they?

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Lautaro Lobo

I would never pay to read a blog post, and Medium? God no! But that's maybe just me.

Listen, there's FreeCodeCamp posts, here on Dev you can find (or ask for) some great advice on different topics, you can use Reddit as well. I would only pay for printed magazines or books, comics and stuff like that...

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Bassim RAJI

Bro I like the way you think (y)