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In person. Remote online meetups almost always end up falling back to a webinar format.

My expectations are learning something and meet someone. Every meetup and every community is different, so I try to set my expectations accordingly. If its a workshop, I raise my expectations that I'll walk out with a clearer understanding of something.


Yes In-person is generally preferred. What if we can make remote meetups more interactive?


I would say it depends on the community and the platform you are using to host. Can you facilitate small side conversations (chat or voice/video)? Can you remove anonymity?

I'm comfortable with in person or remote, but I've been both an attendee and an organizer. If folks don't do a lot of video or voice meetings it may be awkward for them and harder to get them to engage.

Yep we tried asking questions in the meetup on voice and send in questions through chat and have them addressed at the end during Q&A. But agreed it would be challenging for those who do not do voice and video meeting.


Short meetups can be either. Sometimes remote is better since it may lessen the anxiety level I think.

Longer should be in person. Best after a short remote Meetup since people have had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with each other.


100% in person. Both for the presenter and for the audience. There's a lot of benefit to be gained by talking with local community members and being able to ask questions in person.


Yes I generally prefer in-person meetups as well. But it might be difficult for some to commute from their work place to attend in-person meetup. So in those situations as an organizer I prefer to conduct remote meetups.


My issues with meetups tend to he time. I usually don't want to take time away from family or some volunteering work I do, so I rarely attend unless I'm extremely interested in a topic or presenting. It's easier in the summer when the tutoring program I help with is stopped.

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