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Discussion on: How I maintain large-scale dataset in react

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Yeah that works, but usually in infinite scroll the user expects the data to load as soon as we get to near of the end of the page.
Any ways cheers.

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vova ushenko • Edited on

Oh yeah, sure. There is no silver bullet. If in your app there is nothing below this container with infinite scroll, let be it. But if you want to show some footer with contact info or anything useful, you must take care of this.

For instance, here on the main of Let's say you want to copy something from the footer, some link or whatever. This is a truly annoying user experience.

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menomanabdulla Author • Edited on

I have same felling though but I believe case depends on use-case. Imagine any feed component like facebook, twitter,, instagram have pagination, then what about user-experience? =D If we talk about any eCommerce product-page then case is different, we can control the flow by user-event and also there some filter-options too. BTW, there is no BUG in tech all are blessing hahahahaha